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New School Meal Requirements

Troy LeBeck

September 05, 2012

 I am sure you have all heard about the school lunch regulations that have changed this year. They are the biggest changes we have seen in many years. I will summarize the changes for you in this letter so if you or your children have any questions you will now have the answers.

The biggest change in legislation is there is now a calorie maximum for each meal. In the past there has only been a minimum calorie amount. There is now a minimum and a maximum. Due to this change, you or your child may notice some items are missing from lunch that you may have received in the past. Examples of this may include that you can only have 1 slice of bread when it is offered. Some days bread may not be offered at all and we no longer offer peanut butter.

 You or your child MUST take at least a serving of fruit or a serving of vegetables to be counted as a meal. For a student to have a complete meal, he/she must choose 3 of the 5 components of the meal offered, and one MUST be a fruit or a vegetable. This is a major change from last year. If a fruit or vegetable is not selected, standard a la carte charges will apply to items chosen.

 Serving sizes for fruits and vegetables have increased this year, while serving sizes for proteins have decreased. There are also maximum amounts of proteins and grains that can be offered during a week. (yet another reason why bread may not be offered every day)

 Vegetables are now broken down into sub-categories by color. The vegetable categories are now dark green, red/orange, starchy, Legumes, and other. There are specific amounts of each vegetable that must be offered during a school week.

 There are three age brackets you or your child will fall into. K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 are the new brackets. Each one has different requirements for serving sizes and nutrients.

 If you have any questions feel free to email me at tlebeck@audubon.k12.ia.us.

New Lunch Requirements

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